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Claudia Moldovanyi

Co-Op partner funeral home “Luctum” from Switzerland

What we want and can do? To be there for you!

Honour the soul of a person, treat them with respect and empathy when they die, accompany them with beautiful actions, personal words and without rushing.

Grief and personal rituals should have a place when saying goodbye. They are an important part and help us to face reality and consciously walk the last path together.

New partnership with Nemocean

We offer burials at sea in the Mediterranean.
The deep blue, glittering sea, warm rays of sunshine and the vast expanse…
Finding your final resting place in the vastness of the sea means boundless freedom and departure. Special and exclusive burials at sea in the Mediterranean are now possible with Nemocean. Thanks to the good weather in Mallorca, trips can take place all year round.

A burial in all international waters may only be carried out as part of a cremation. The ashes are placed in a special biodegradable urn to lower the urn into the water at a farewell ceremony.

Relatives are welcome to ask us for more information on planning, organisation and availability.

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Article in the magazine "Schweizer Illustrierte"
Article in the magazine Schweizer Illustrierte
Logo Luctum
Logo Luctum
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