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Welcome to our News Page, where we bring you a collection of heartfelt stories, client experiences, and insights from both Mallorca and around the world. Here, you'll discover touching narratives, meaningful moments, and valuable information related to our industry and sector. Join us as we delve into the world of final farewells, eco-conscious ceremonies, and the beauty of commemorating loved ones at sea.

Latest News

Claudia Moldovanyi


21 Feb 2024

Co-Op partner funeral home “Luctum” from Switzerland

What we want and can do? To be there for you! Honour the soul of a person, treat them with respect and empathy when they...

NISIO Funeral services Switzerland Logo


19 Feb 2024

Co-Op Partner Funeral Home “Nisio” from Switzerland

The Team Our company stands for empathy, discretion and professionalism in all areas of funeral services. Alessandro Fattorini and his experienced staff are at ones...

Bestattungsinstitut Rea


19 Feb 2024

Co-Op partner “Bestattungsinstitut Rea” from Switzerland

Funeral Home “Rea” from Switzerland talks to us: And suddenly everything is different… Despite knowing that we are mortal, the death of a loved one...

Münchner Pietät


8 Jan 2024

Co-op partner “Münchner Pietät”

Münchner Pietät is a young, woman-run funeral home from Munich. Together with our funeral director, who can look back on 18 years of professional experience,...

X-Mas Photoshoot


3 Jan 2024

Sunny New Year greetings from the coast of Mallorca

Sunny New Year greetings from the coast of Mallorca: At the turn of the year, our team is wholeheartedly wishing our customers, business partners, employees,...

Anna Hausser


18 Dec 2023

Anna Hausser from Nemocean shares her story

For me, Mallorca not only stands for glorious sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty, but also for my passion, which I get to live out at...

Mallorca Zeitung Article featuring Nemocean


27 Oct 2023

Mallorca Zeitung: Premium Option for Special Burials at Sea

Navigating New Waves: Spotlight on Nemocean’s Heartfelt & Empowering Farewells In a recent feature by Mallorca Zeitung, Nemocean shines as a distinguished provider of premium...

Two people high fiving one another looking out to sea as the sunsets


27 Oct 2023

Some of the best funeral homes we work with

Funeral services are not only an indispensable part of our society, but also a sensitive issue that requires empathy, professionalism and a trusting partnership. In...

Nemocean Boat sailing in the mediterranean sea off the cost of Mallorca during a Farewell Ceremony of committing Ashes to the sea

Nemocean, Press

24 Oct 2023

Innovation on Mallorca – Premium Burials At Sea in the Mediterranean

Navigating Grief with Nature’s Embrace: A Closer Look at Nemocean’s Transformative Approach Nemocean: Transforming Farewells on the Beautiful Island of Mallorca Innovation on the stunning...

Bdestatter Magazin


15 Sep 2023

Nemocean in the anniversary edition of Bestatter Magazine

In the jubilee edition of Bestattermagazin, NEMOCEAN takes center stage, rewriting the script of farewells in Mallorca. Armed with an official license for burials at...

Mallorca Daily Bulletin


2 Sep 2023

Nemocean makes headlines in the Mallorca Daily Bulletin

Press Release - We are pleased to have been featured in a local newspaper recently, the article was taken from an interview with one of...


11 Jul 2023

Evangelic Community Champions Burials at Sea

Mallorca’s Evangelic Community Advocates and Embraces Burials at Sea Protestant community Mallorca co-operates with Nemocean for burials at sea The Nemocean team is very pleased...

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