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Nemocean Boat sailing in the mediterranean sea off the cost of Mallorca during a Farewell Ceremony of committing Ashes to the sea

Innovation on Mallorca – Premium Burials At Sea in the Mediterranean

Navigating Grief with Nature’s Embrace: A Closer Look at Nemocean’s Transformative Approach

Premium Burial At Sea

Nemocean: Transforming Farewells on the Beautiful Island of Mallorca

Innovation on the stunning island of Mallorca, Nemocean is revolutionizing farewells as the first licensed company for exceptional burials at sea. Explore the touching and unique opportunities it provides for those seeking an for special farewell on the Mediterranean.

Renewal of Traditions: The Art of Burial At Sea

Delve into the deep-rooted tradition of burying loved ones at sea, a practice echoed in many cultures. Mallorca’s picturesque coast offers the perfect natural setting for this final farewell, creating a calm and comforting atmosphere for grieving families.

Nemocean: Pioneering Sea Farewells on Mallorca

Founded by a passionate group of professionals dedicated to nature and the sea, Nemocean is a Spanish company with all the necessary licenses and permits. Discover how it aims to conduct burials at sea in Mallorca legally, respectfully, and with a commitment to preserving the marine environment.

Innovation in Grief: Nemocean’s Unique Approach

Learn how Nemocean is bringing about a significant change in the way people bid farewell to their departed loved ones on Mallorca. Explore the company’s innovative and respectful approach to burials at sea, offering families a sustainable and personal option to honor their deceased uniquely.

Solace Amidst the Waves: Nemocean’s Mediterranean Farewells

With the beauty of the Mediterranean as a backdrop, Nemocean provides a unique solace in times of grief. Uncover how the company connects people with nature in their final farewell, offering a distinctive and serene option for bidding adieu.

Breaking Ground: Nemocean’s Impact on Mallorca’s Traditions

Discover the groundbreaking innovation Nemocean brings to Mallorca. Understand the significance of burials at sea, a practice permitted in Spain only since 2022 under strict legal requirements.

Media Spotlight: Nemocean in Online Articles

Explore how journalists have taken note of Nemocean’s transformative role, with several online articles highlighting the company’s impact on redefining farewells in Mallorca:

Life violinist on board

With flowers decorated yacht

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