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Evangelic Community Champions Burials at Sea

Mallorca’s Evangelic Community Advocates and Embraces Burials at Sea

Evangelical Church Mallorca
Evangelical Church Mallorca

Protestant community Mallorca co-operates with Nemocean for burials at sea

The Nemocean team is very pleased about the partnership and subsequent co-operation with the German-speaking Protestant community on Mallorca.

In this co-operation, Nemocean and the Protestant community, under the leadership of Pastors Holmfried Braun and Martje Mechels, would like to jointly shape and develop the burial at sea culture on Mallorca.

Evangelicals and people of Christian faith now have the opportunity to be accompanied by a pastor at a Nemocean burial at sea if they wish.

Community activities

The German-speaking Protestant community on the Balearic Islands serves as a Christian refuge for tourists and residents alike by creating a feeling of “home” through numerous community activities. The community acts as a reliable regional place of support and serves as a “temporary church” for tourists and as a “church on demand” for residents. In addition, its support also includes retirement homes and hospitals, where it provides advice and assistance to people in personal crises.

Tradition Meets Innovation

The decision to support burials at sea on Mallorca alongside “traditional burials” represents an innovative combination of tradition and progress from the municipality’s point of view. The partnership with Nemocean now gives people the opportunity to choose an alternative way to say goodbye to their loved ones in a unique way on Mallorca.

Through this collaboration, the evangelical community reinforces its promise to offer comfort and support to the community. This collaboration not only emphasises the regional commitment of the evangelical community, but also reaffirms its role as a shining example in everyday and extraordinary moments for people who consider Mallorca their temporary or permanent home.

Private pool of pastor couple Martje Mechels & Holmfried Braun

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