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Nemocean makes headlines in the Mallorca Daily Bulletin

In September 2023, the Mallorcan weekly newspaper “Mallorca Daily Bulletin,” aimed at an international audience, published an exclusive article about Nemocean with the translated title “In Harmony with Nature in the Waters around Mallorca.”

In September, an interview with Tobias Hofmann, co-founder of Nemocean, was conducted by Humphrey Carter, the deputy editor-in-chief of the Mallorca Bulletin. The interview covers the background, scope of operations, and unique aspects of Nemocean’s burials at sea along the coast of Mallorca.

The content of the interview can be summarized as follows:

“Honoring the Journey of Life: Nemocean’s Unique Farewell at Sea”

In today’s ever-changing global society, opportunities for unique and meaningful experiences have expanded into every aspect of life, including how we bid farewell to our loved ones. Inspired by a time-honoured tradition practised by generations of sailors in Germany, Nemocean, a pioneering company based in picturesque Mallorca, offers a remarkable way to celebrate a person’s life with a funeral at the tranquil Mediterranean Sea.

A Lifelong Connection to the Sea

Co-founded by Tobias Hofmann, a former naval officer with a deep and lifelong connection to the sea, Nemocean represents a shift in the funeral industry towards more personalized and alternative services. Hofmann, who has lived on the island of Mallorca for over four years, explains that the funeral market is undergoing significant changes, with a growing demand for alternative burial experiences.

Farewell with Grace

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, and Nemocean understands the importance of providing families with the necessary support during this difficult time. Nemocean’s mission is to create a warm and comforting atmosphere as families set sail off the coast of Mallorca, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and nature.

The goal is to transform what is typically a sombre and grieving event into a gentle and uplifting farewell ceremony that honours the memory of a loved one with grace and dignity. Nemocean’s unique approach offers comfort and assistance to families in navigating the challenging journey of farewell.

Compliance with Laws and Professionalism in Burials at Sea

In 2022, Spanish laws changed to allow burials at sea under certain conditions. Nemocean operates professionally and works closely with the port authority to ensure that all necessary permits and legal requirements are met. The company also collaborates with local church communities, offering families the option to include spiritual guidance in the ceremony.

An International Service

Nemocean focuses on an international market and welcomes families from around the world who are drawn to the idea of a moving and unique farewell for their loved ones. From South African families with longstanding ties to Mallorca to families from New York and beyond, there is growing interest in this special form of saying goodbye.

Environmental Protection

Nemocean places great importance on sustainability and community support. The company collaborates with local businesses and employees to support the community, raise awareness of environmental and maritime issues, and contribute to relevant projects aimed at protecting and improving the environment.

Tailored Farewell Ceremonies

Nemocean offers customized ceremonies tailored to individual preferences. Whether with sailing or motor yachts, live music, eulogists, or priests, the team takes care of all preparations before and after the event, ensuring a smooth process. Services are provided in English, German, Spanish, and French to support families during this emotional time.

Creating Lasting Memories

Families receive the coordinates of the location where the burial took place so they can return in the future for memorial or small commemorative gatherings. Nemocean is dedicated to providing a respectful, gentle, and pleasant experience tailored to the unique needs of each family, creating unforgettable memories in the Mediterranean waters off the coast of Mallorca.

A Unique Celebration of Life

In a changing world where traditional practices evolve, Nemocean offers a special way to celebrate a person’s life by breaking down barriers and providing families with a truly special and valuable experience. The sea, often seen as the ultimate birthplace of life on Earth and a symbol of eternity, becomes the backdrop for a heartfelt farewell that will be remembered forever.


Nemocean’s innovative approach to funeral services reflects the evolving desires of families who seek a meaningful and personal farewell. Nemocean’s commitment to professionalism, sustainability, and customized experiences ensures that every farewell becomes a heartfelt celebration of life’s journey.

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