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Nemocean at BEFA FORUM Hamburg: a new way of Burial at Sea and Forging Alliances

Navigating New Horizons, Dispelling Myths, and Building Bridges with German Funeral Leaders

Nemocean is making waves at the BEFA FORUM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. It’s not just about showcasing premium burials at sea – it’s about reshaping farewells. Beyond Mallorca’s shores, Nemocean is breaking stereotypes and forming alliances in the German funeral industry.

Sailing into the BEFA FORUM Seas

At BEFA FORUM, Nemocean aims to strengthen its roots in the German market. The exhibition is a platform for industry leaders, and Nemocean seizes the opportunity to introduce its compassionate and environmentally conscious burials at sea to a broader audience.

Managing Director of Nemocean, Anna Hausser, expresses enthusiasm, “Serving many German clients in Mallorca, we’re thrilled to engage with the German funeral industry. We’re not just offering a service; we’re providing a unique and meaningful farewell.”

Breaking Stereotypes with a Smile

At BEFA FORUM, an amusing anecdote circulated. Some attendees associated Mallorca with parties, not serene farewells. Nemocean used this to showcase Mallorca’s multifaceted beauty.

One visitor jestingly remarked, “Burials at sea in Mallorca? I thought it was all about parties!” This revelation sparked conversations, allowing Nemocean to dispel myths and present Mallorca as an ideal setting for a tranquil farewell.

Positive Surprises and Project Appreciation

The positive reception at BEFA FORUM was palpable. Attendees were captivated by Nemocean’s project, appreciating the blend of spirituality, environmental responsibility, and personalized farewells.

Visitors admired the project, with one saying, “It’s refreshing to see such innovative options in the funeral industry.” Nemocean’s commitment to a peaceful and environmentally friendly farewell left a lasting impression.

Building Bridges: Collaborations with German Undertakers Association and DSBG

Nemocean explored collaborations with the German Undertakers Association and DSBG. Representatives expressed genuine interest in working with Nemocean, recognizing shared values and unique contributions.

Discussions focused on how Nemocean’s premium services and commitment to sustainability align with these associations’ ethos. Collaboration promises exciting possibilities, introducing Nemocean’s offerings to a wider German audience.

Conclusion: Nemocean – Redefining Farewells, Breaking Myths, and Forming Powerful Alliances

At BEFA FORUM, Nemocean is reshaping perceptions and forming alliances in the German funeral industry. The journey goes beyond traditional farewells, offering a unique experience.

As Nemocean navigates these waters, breaking stereotypes and forming collaborations, its impact ripples far and wide. This isn’t just a showcase; it’s a transformative journey, with Nemocean steering the course toward redefining the way we say our final goodbyes.

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