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Münchner Pietät is a young, woman-run funeral home from Munich. Together with our funeral director, who can look back on 18 years of professional experience, and the entire team, we attach great importance to the sensitive and personal care of the bereaved. We see ourselves as a reliable partner and support our customers in all aspects of the funeral. Our team consists of experienced and sensitive employees who take care of the individual wishes and needs of the bereaved with great empathy. Our aim is to make the farewell process as healing as possible for the bereaved. We offer a wide range of services to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss and say goodbye in peace. These include organising the funeral service, selecting the coffin or urn, designing the funeral stationery and providing support in choosing the type of funeral.

We attach great importance to organising the funeral and burial in the best possible way. In doing so, we take into account both the individual wishes of the deceased and the ideas of the bereaved. We endeavour to ensure a dignified and appropriate farewell.

We take care of all the formalities and continue to be at your side after the funeral.

With us, the person takes centre stage. We take time for personal discussions and cater to your wishes and needs. We attach particular importance to providing sensitive and respectful care, including in all questions and concerns relating to bereavement. We know that the loss of a loved one is a very difficult time and that everyone deals with grief differently. We therefore also offer support and counselling in relation to coping with grief. We can help you explain bereavement to your children and involve them in the process of saying goodbye. We can give you tips on how to support a loved one in their grief and how to take good care of yourself. Our staff are trained to respond sensitively and understandingly to your questions and concerns. You can turn to us in confidence at any time and we will do our best to support you during this difficult time.

We can also advise you on precautions in the event of a non-acute bereavement and thus offer security in the event of a bereavement.

In our shop windows you will find memorial jewellery, which you can have individually made, as well as books and gentle gifts for difficult times.

We are a colourful team with different backgrounds and expertise that performs our respective tasks with passion and dedication. Together we work hand in hand to

to fulfil the individual needs of our customers. Münchner Pietät is a trustworthy partner in difficult times. We accompany you on your path of grief and are at your side with help and advice.

We are delighted about the co-operation with Nemocean and the expansion of our portfolio. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now offer our customers even more options and fulfil their needs even better.

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Team Münchner Pietät
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