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Anna Hausser

Anna Hausser from Nemocean shares her story

For me, Mallorca not only stands for glorious sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty, but also for my passion, which I get to live out at Nemocean. The article in Mallorca Magazine gives you a little insight into my world and I would like to share some of my very personal Mallorca moments with you.

Anna, one of the faces of Nemocean:

I’m Anna, and my work at Nemocean is not just a job – it’s my passion. The article has given me the opportunity to share my love of the sea and my connection to Mallorca.

Joie de vivre, sport and indulgence:

When I want to do something good for myself, nothing beats sport, a refreshing dip in the sea, boat trips and delicious food. Mallorca offers me the perfect backdrop for all these feel-good moments.

Secret favourite places:

Palma with its dreamy plazas, the impressive Tramuntana and of course the numerous possibilities for bathing in different bays – they all have a place in my heart. Each place tells its own story.

Essentials in life:

Without my family, my son and my best friends, everything would only be half as nice. And, of course, good chocolate – that’s my little weakness.

Laughter, dreams and a touch of frustration:

My son brings a smile to my face as do people with an honest sense of humour. But sometimes the cruise ships, the traffic jams and the endless bureaucracy on the island get on my nerves.

Nemocean – More than just a job:

Nemocean is not just a company for me; it is my opportunity to combine my love of the sea and my professional dreams. I put my heart and soul into it and I am happy to share this passion with you.


For me, Mallorca is not just sun and sand, but above all a deep connection to the sea. Through my work at Nemocean, I can live this love and help people to organise their very special farewell in harmony with the maritime beauty of Mallorca.


Article in Mallorca Magazin
Article about Anna Hausser Managing Director of Nemocean



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